Company Introduction

In places where there is no answer,

'we are the answer.'

With this slogan,

we aspire to change the world.


I'm Seo Young-ho, the CEO of NAWA, actively engaged in efforts to delay environmental destruction.

We are developing a smart trash bin product with excellent cleaning technology that makes disposable cups recyclable.

We aim to usher in a new era where even disposable cups can be recycled for user convenience.

Corporate History


2023 11 Signed MOU with KOREATECH Sejong Campus Global Business School and initiated trial rental sales of cup-to-cup
  10 Signed MOU with ESG Business Support Center
    Signed MOU with KOREATECH Sejong LINC 3.0 Project Team
    Signed MOU with Geonyang University Hospital
  09 Advanced to the final round as the sole Korean representative in the 'Green (Environmental)' category at the University Startup World Cup
    Commenced trial operation at Hongik University Sejong Campus
  08 Established Sejong Branch
    Commenced trial operation at Jeju National University
  07 Changed Seoul Branch Location
    Signed MOU with Seoul University of Science and Technology and commenced trial operation of cup-to-cup
    Signed MOU with Fibertex Nonwovens (Denmark)
  06 Selected for the 2023 Data Voucher Support Project in the AI Processing Sector
  04 Established Seoul Branch
  01 Signed MOU with Hongik University Sejong Campus Hongik Makerland
    Signed MOU with Aroma Join (Japan)
2022 12 Selected as an Outstanding Case Company in Sejong City
  10 Registered as NAWA and moved to Sejong Entrepreneurship Building Room 103 (Headquarters)
    Business Agreement with Samjung Pulp Co., Ltd.

2nd place at the 14th KOREA STARTUP Incubation Competition, KOREA

Selected for the Innovation Leader in Business Innovation in Korea in 2023 - Newsmaker

Excellent Award at the 4th IT Idea-thon Hackathon Competition

Encouragement Award at the 2023 Sejong Region IR Contest

Winner of the 2023 Kickstart Asia 2022_Transformative Innovation Startup Workshop


Selected as an outstanding case in the Chungcheong ICT Innovation Square Expansion Project, Sejong

Excellent Award at the Hongik University Sejong Campus Manufacturing-based Startup Idea Contest

Grand Prize at Hana ESG Social Venture University in 2022

Selected for the 11th Samsung Energy Environment Research Contest

Grand Prize at the DSC Regional Innovation Platform Startup Contest

Grand Prize at the Smart City Startup Idea Contest


Encouragement Award at the 2022 ICT Innovation Square National AI Idea Contest

Grand Prize at the Regional University Startup Club Idea Enhancement Value-Up Program

Grand Prize at the Sejong Union Startup Contest

Grand Prize at the Youth Startup Policy Hackathon Contest

Excellent Award at the 2022 Chungcheong ICT Innovation Contest

Encouragement Award at the 2022 Jeju City Policy Idea Contest

Director's Award at the 2022 Daegu ESG Social Contribution Partners Day from the Korea Real Estate Research Institute

Grand Prize at the 2022 Chungnam-Sejong Regional University Startup Club Demo Day


As team members gather, throwing difficult questions and seeking answers,

we gain the driving force of life and strive to change the world,

with the slogan 'Where there is no answer, we are the answer.'


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