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1. What does Cupggiri mean?
Cupggiri implies "Let's recycle disposable cups together" and also signifies reaching out to marginalized communities like an elephant extending its trunk.
2. What resources does Cupggiri require?
Cupggiri is a device for collecting disposable cups.

Acceptable Resources

Disposable paper cups o   Disposable plastic cups o

Unacceptable Resources

Disposable cup lids x   Reusable cups x   Reusable tumblers x   Tumblers x   PET bottles x   Cans x
3. How do I use Cupggiri?
Here's how to use it:

1. Separate the cup lid and cup holder and discard the beverage.

2. Insert the cup slightly pressed in the correct direction into the cup inlet.

3. If product errors persist on the display, please contact the inquiry office.
4. Can Cupggiri accommodate cups of any disposable cup size?
It can accommodate disposable cups ranging from 8 ounces (240ml~280ml) to 32 ounces (970~1010ml), based on takeaway cup standards.
5. How many disposable cups can Cupggiri store in the device?
Depending on the size of takeaway cups, it can store between 300 and 700 cups, as indicated by the pilot operation results.

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